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Do Robots Used in the Classroom Help Learning?

Every day, teachers and lecturers around the world make decisions about how to help learners learn. This question about the use of robots is just one of thousands of questions about good teaching practice which teachers who wish to become highly effective need to be able to answer, preferably with reference to research rather than guesswork.

MESHGuide Set to Support Teachers

Dave Catlin of Valiant Technology, Andrew Csizmadia, Newman University and Mike Blamires, RIPPLE are working with the Education Futures Collaboration (EFC) to answer this question. They aim to produce a MESHGuide, entitled: Educational robots: Why use a Roamer robot in the classroom?

CEO and robot designer Dave Catlin said,

Everyone is excited about Computational Thinking – ‘the new kid on the block’. Interestingly, educational robots like Turtles and Roamer have been quietly delivering Computational Thinking experiences for 40 years. This fact seems to have gone unnoticed. There is a lot known about the effectiveness of robots, but it is not readily available or in the public domain. This MESHGuide offers the opportunity to correct this situation and hopefully developers, educators and teachers will find this data helpful in creating improved learning experiences for our children.

The Guide is scheduled to be available in March 2015.

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