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Roamer: First Robot to Sign the EU Pledge to Peace

On the UN’s Day of Peace, 21st September, Roamer® became the first robot to sign the Brussels Declaration Pledge to Peace.  Established in the European Parliament, the Declaration calls institutions and public and private organizations to establish initiatives and promote awareness on the importance of peace, as evidenced by the founding principles of the European Union.

The Pledge to Peace is a call to action.  Roamer,  Valiant Technology, the company responsible for the design and development of Roamer, is teaming up with fellow signatories the Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II school in Rome and the Secretariat of the Pledge to Peace to develop Roamer® activities based on the STEM subjects which also provokes children to think about peace.

Valiant’s CEO Dave Catlin said, “Peace starts with the individual.  It is about citizenship; it is about the fulfilment of our human potential. Practically, helping students with these issues is what Roamer does well”.



Pledge to Peace
Signatories to the Pledge to Peace

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