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Do Robots Used in the Classroom Help Learning?

Every day, teachers and lecturers around the world make decisions about how to help learners learn. This question about the use of robots is just one of thousands of questions about good teaching practice which teachers who wish to become highly effective need to be able to answer, preferably with reference to research rather than guesswork. Continue reading

Roamer: First Robot to Sign the EU Pledge to Peace

On the UN’s Day of Peace, 21st September, Roamer® became the first robot to sign the Brussels Declaration Pledge to Peace.  Established in the European Parliament, the Declaration calls institutions and public and private organizations to establish initiatives and promote awareness on the importance of peace, as evidenced by the founding principles of the European Union. Continue reading

Pirate Roamer Swashbuckling in Glasgow

Roamer was proud to be part of the “BBC at the Quay” during the recent Glasgow Commonwealth Games.   As part of the BBC’s Digizone  the activity was inspired by the CBeebies programme, “Swashbuckle”.  And in true buccaneering style a raid on the CBeebies’ prop department quickly fitted out a flotilla of Roamers all raring to find the treasure all it needed was a crew of scurvy dogs. Continue reading